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Jun 27, 2018

Joey Coleman helps companies keep their customers. He’s an award-winning speaker and works with organizations around the world; from small startups to major brands. His wall street journal 2nd best-selling book Never Lose a Customer again offers strategies and tactics for turning 1-time purchases into repeat sales. Joey enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 sons. This year, Joey is the keynote speaker at the Pawn Expo in Vegas, but first, he joins us on the Pawn Leaders podcast to teach us how to retain customers.


[02:59] Joey will be doing a keynote at the Pawn Expo in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon


[04:23] Joey used to be a defense lawyer, starting as a son of a criminal defense lawyer to doing national security law, international law and working in the Whitehouse in the CIA


[05:44] “In order to succeed in all of those industries, you had to have a very keen and clear understanding of the human condition”


[07:50] “We spend so much time and effort building our businesses, and focusing on our businesses, that when someone chooses not to do business with us, it feels like a dagger to the heart”


[09:19] Businesses get caught up in B2B or B2C that they forget that there are humans involved in every transaction


[13:11] “32% of the new customers who will join a bank, will leave that bank before their 1 year anniversary…half of them will leave in the first 100 days”


[14:55] “Somewhere between 20-70% of your new customers will decide to stop doing business with you before they reach the 100 days anniversary”


[20:30] You will run out of new customers, but you won’t run out of existing customers if you pay attention 


[21:14] What is a customer experience?Customer experience is every single touchpoint, every single interaction you have with a customer”


[23:42] Joey’s book Never Lose a Customer Again is highly recommended and you can also visit


[24:05] The 8 phases a customer has the potential to go through:

  1. Assess (Marketing and Sales)
  2. Admit
  3. Affirm