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Jan 27, 2021

What's up, Pawn Family! 
How will you know if you made the right investment? It’s after you invested! 
In business, you have to spend money, oftentimes a lot of money, to try systems, marketing methods, processes, products, etc. A leader with a positive mindset would look at it as investment rather than a cost or an...

Jan 20, 2021

What's up, Pawn Family! 
Stop saying that you have always done things the same way you’ve been doing it. That is a good excuse, but it will not get you anywhere. Pawnbrokers who say, “This is how I’ve always been doing it!” are those who refuse to grow personally, which results in not growing their...

Jan 13, 2021

What's up, Pawn Family! 
Are you planning for 6 months? Do you know your marketing budget? Do you know your numbers? What do you need to change in your leadership? Do you know what marketing strategies will increase your foot traffic and sales? If you don’t know all these, you might not survive the changes to come....

Jan 6, 2021

What's up, Pawn Family! 
What you might be missing out on not determining your current, unknown/prospective, and past customers is not just money but A LOT OF MONEY on advertising that does not work. And it’s not just about the money you’re wasting on ads you have to think about, but realizing whether you are...