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Feb 14, 2018

Tony Gallo specializes in security and loss prevention for higher risk businesses. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the security, audit, safety and emergency management field. Tony has a Bachelor of Security degree in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University. He is a licensed security consultant and a published author. In this interview, Tony shares tips on protecting yourself and your assets.


[01:16] Tony has been in the pawn industry for over 20 years. He started working with a company called EZCORP (a pawn shop trade), where he was Director of Risk Management, Security, Audit and Emergency Procedures.


[03:46] Many pawnbrokers think that their security will not be compromised.


[04:17] My goal is to prevent a robbery from happening.


[05:34] Sometimes, the cost of being proactive is way less than having to be reactive.”


[06:41] There are proven procedures that can reduce your exposure to shoplifters.


[10:21] It is recommended to put peepholes in the back door of your pawn store to have a wide view of the area without having to open the door.


[12:29] The biggest mistake that pawn brokers make is called misplaced trust. You are putting trust into employees in your store and there’s no checks and balances.”


[14:06] Lack of good customer service is a loophole for a shoplifter. This breakdown is a catalyst for robbers to approach your business.


[15:23] Not sending the proper message can encourage shoplifting.


[18:00] How do you communicate to your employees? What is expected of your employees?


[18:36] Put written procedures in place that protect both you and your employees.


[19:15] Pawnbrokers are exposed to all the assets and are not sensitized about how to properly guard their property. Day-to-day operations can cause you to forget that people are watching your every move.


[22:02] You must be diligent with your security when running your business, as the level of violence has drastically increased.


[22:46] Reduce the level of violence by preventing it from occurring, instead of waiting to address it as it occurs.

[24:48] At the end of the day, my goal is for you to go home and have dinner with your family.

[25:29] You have to think of the advantage of letting a ‘transaction go’ in order to protect your life.

[27:07] There are online training courses available that teach employees how to act during a robbery situation.

[29:15] We want you to stay in business, we want you to grow. We want you to be profitable and we want you to go home.”

[29:25] Check out for more information and feel free to call 214-845-6838. There is also a contact on the webpage as well. Send questions and you will get a response.