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Jun 13, 2018

On today’s episode of Pawn Leaders, we speak with Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union; a B2B digital marketing agency in Brooklyn, New York. He is a Business Strategist, Marketing expert and certified Google trainer, as well as the author of the book High Energy Secrets, where he


[10:20] How and when did you realize that you had to make a change in your life? “I started reading more books, bought a book called The Habit and I looked into personal development


[10:55] The conscious and subconscious mind are different ways of thinking. The subconscious mind works 90% of the time


[13:09] It’s not about self-control, it’s about rewiring your habits”


[14:12] Every human being has the same 24 hours in the day. We all have time


[19:40] People believe that if they drink a lot of water, it causes them to go to the bathroom very often and it’s perfectly normal.


[26:35] If you realize that you are not focused as an entrepreneur, it means you are losing electrolytes


[31:11] The definition of stress is not breathing


[33:44] The healthier you get, physically and emotionally, the safer you’ll be


[34:56] Get your copy of High Energy Secrets and visit Joe’s website at Joe Apfelbaum