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May 16, 2018

Antoine Dupont, CEO of Katapult Marketing, was born in Paris and has spent the last five years studying Marketing while creating hundreds of videos for his clients. Katapult Marketing is an internet marketing company that manages the web presence for business owners. The company creates videos and websites that generate leads and increases credibility. Antoine’s clients have seen a 3 to 5 times increase in social media engagement, while others have seen a 37% increase in sales because of their video marketing strategies. We see how integrating video marketing in the pawn business can reap great rewards in today's episode of Pawn Leaders.  


[02:07] Approximately five years ago, Antoine was introduced to doing video marketing by one of his employees


[03:59] As a Marketer, what you’re trying to do is to put your client’s brand or your brand in front of people’s eyes. What are they looking at? Are they looking at billboards? Are they listening to radios? Are they watching television? What are they looking at collectively; my target audience? And the answer for you as pawnbrokers is ‘They are looking at videos.’”


[04:40] Your audience is paying attention to YouTube and Facebook, and they like to watch videos on these platforms   


[05:48] People are always looking for “How-To” videos, for example: “How Do You Negotiate the Pawnbroker?”  


[07:37] People love authenticity, so your video does not have to be perfect


[08:30] You can start recording with a mobile phone and a microphone


[10:19] We cannot get enough of stories


[11:52] Stay away from Facebook live. Only utilize videos that are live worthy


[14:24] Facebook is a marketing and branding apparatus, it is not a sales engine


[15:30] It is not advisable to put a commercial on Facebook, unless it is very specific


[17:54] The pawnbroker must be in front of people on a regular basis, but not in an aggressive manner


[20:59] Google is where people go and look for what they want to buy, while Facebook is where people spend their time, but not with an intention to buy  


[21:56] Putting 1 video on Facebook per month is good traction for your business

[23:17] What strategy can a pawnbroker use to advertise a content? Post on your Facebook page, share to your personal page, then to your followers, while boosting your post. Segment your target audience using various selections.


[27:11] Visit Answer the Public to get all the questions on YouTube and Google for the word searched


[32:00] Utilize long-term strategy to reap high returns


[33:24] Look for “How Pawnshop Works” in YouTube and search will retrieve over 35,000 results. This proves that you can post similar content. Anything close to 1 million is a no go and anything within the hundred thousand is just right  


[36:52] Visit Antoine’s YouTube channel for workshops on video marketing