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Mar 28, 2018

Matt Prados built the Review Wave platform to assist hundreds of local businesses to achieve online success. He has been working in digital marketing for the last 10 years and enjoys spending time with his family and being physically active. Matt zeroes in on what he feels is the future of online marketing in this episode of Pawn Leaders.



[02:22] The concept of Review Wave came about because Matt no longer wanted to be an employee, but an employer


[03:10] Matt wanted to help people be successful through digital marketing, without all the “fluff”


[04:02] It doesn’t matter what else you have. You could have no website, but if you have a killer Google local listing, with 200 reviews, you get leads from the internet.”


[04:23] If you have reviews, you will be more successful online and if you do it right, it’s money in the bank


[07:09] Companies should stay away from “creating” reviews for their business, as Google is able to recognize that the reviewer is not authentic


[08:50] Do you focus on one social media platform or multiple platforms? The type of platform(s) used is dependent on factors like your geographic location and your target audience. You can therefore utilize one or all platforms.


[11:30] What is the percentage response rate via text messages? On average, for every 100 feedback requests sent, there’s a 25% response rate to an initial feedback and then 5 to 6 actual reviews.


[13:49] Review Wave can be used for every type of industry


[15:39] More reviews gives you the advantage of ranking higher in Google search and increases your customer base


[17:34] Everybody likes to win, but you don’t learn anything from winning; you learn from your losses.”


[18:49] Employers are able to track their employees’ feedback on the Review Wave dashboard


[20:52] Losing your focus can hamper the success of your business


[22:19] How important has coaching been in your journey as an entrepreneur? “You can’t succeed at the top levels without coaching.”


[23:26] Visit the Review Wave website ( and enter the code PAWN to get a special offer