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Jun 6, 2018

Shawn Goans is the owner of Fort Scott Gun & Pawn and Fast Guy Stuff. He has a background in Sales and Aviation and made the dramatic switch to the pawn business after making the transition from customer to pawnbroker. Shawn shares his pawn business experience thus far on today’s episode of Pawn Leaders.



[00:49] Shawn’s pawn store is located in Fort Scott, Kansas


[01:02] He has been in Sales for the past 2 years and in the pawn business for 3 years


[01:12] Shawn went from customer to pawnshop owner   


[02:29] 10% interest charged on a 30 day loan and a 90 day grace with a hold period of 30 days 


[03:25] People travel to do business with him because of the low interest rate


[05:08] Shawn had to start from scratch with making a name for the business. He created a Facebook page and used word-of-mouth and giveaways to increase following


[07:02] His Facebook page has been removed multiple times due to his business being a gun shop


[08:36] Engaging posts are used as a strategy on Facebook


[12:39] Tactic used to engage customers:

  • Send a handwritten “Thank You” card to customers after they make a purchase


[14:53] Mistakes to be aware of:

  • Make smart loans
  • If you are new to the pawn business, work for a Pawnbroker to learn the business