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May 2, 2018

Russ Perry joins us on today’s episode of Pawn Leaders. Russ is the founder of Design Pickle – the #1 unlimited and flat-rate graphic design service in the world. Design Pickle was launched in 2015 and has achieved unprecedented success. Russ is also the author of the Sober Entrepreneur, a book that speaks about his journey from rock-bottom and his commitment to sobriety. He is a certified trainer with Wake Up Warrior and enjoys traveling with his wife and 3 daughters.


[02:44] Russ looked at where he could provide value where there’s a gap in the market


[03:33] Design Pickle is 1 price, with two (2) plans; $370 and $995 plan


[05:23] Being able to take the designing off business owners’ plate so they can focus on the operations of the business makes Design Pickle amazing


[06:09] “The worst part as a business owner is when you’re not being proactive with your marketing and communication because you think it’s too expensive…it’s too much work”  


[07:19] Becoming an entrepreneur means that you have to be addicted to that business


[07:51] Russ, at 22, became addicted to launching and growing his business, which in turn led to him pushing away his family and becoming isolated


[09:05] The isolation led to Russ having an affair


[09:49] “The patterns of our past, or the patterns of our industry, don’t have to become our patterns”  


[09:55] Sober Entrepreneur was written so that business owners could learn from their mistakes and also getting sober after being addicted to a substance or a business


[12:42] Realize that you’re not alone on the path of addicts trying to get sober


[13:17] Be strategic about dealing with the stress by replacing bad habits with healthy habits


[15:34] Becoming sober is a life-changing experience


[16:41] Design Pickle was launched 14 months after Russ became sober. During the sobering process, be reflective and meditate about what you want in the future


[18:56] How does somebody know that they’re an addict? Addictions are where a lot of your time, money and energy are being spent. If they are leading you to a better life, there are no worries. However, distractions and stress are red flags.

[22:42] In order to have a lasting marriage, Russ had to eliminate alcohol from his life to build trust


[26:16] Legacy makes you think more logically when making decisions


[28:07] How important was coaching to you to create the man you are today? “Coaching was an accountability mechanism for me to level up as a leader, communicator, and teacher, which I could do in my own business


[30:34] Managing your long-term vision with clarity and lining them up with short-term actions is important


[31:19] Journey to sobriety:

  1. Get into a support group
  2. Be committed to your reason for being sober


[33:36] There will be free books at

[35:47] Follow Russ on Instagram @russperry